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Biggest children patient group receives more attention thanks to EFCNI: Second meeting of European parents’ organisations for preterm infants decides on International Prematurity Awareness Day – Support by Dr. Angelika Niebler, member of the European Parliament

Munich, May 5 2009 (ps) – The European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) continues its cooperation with 17 European parents’ organisations for preterm infants and newborn infants with illnesses: EFCNI which was founded just one year ago in Munich/Germany, recently held its second European meeting with national parents’ representatives in Freising near Munich following up on the success of the first meeting of European parents’ organisations in Rome in November 2008.

First worldwide Prematurity Awareness Day on November 17th

Major topic during the second parents’ organisations meeting from May 1-3 were the preparations for the first Prematurity Awareness Day which will be held on November 17, 2009 in cooperation with the US-organisation March of Dimes and the Australian organisation Austprem. On this day and in the weeks before and after numerous events informing on the subject of prematurity will be held around the globe.

Highlight will be the charity concert on November 12, 2009 with the renowned Swedish piano player Robert Wells, patron of the Swedish foundation “Tummeliten” and father of a preterm infant, which will be organised by EFCNI on October 12, 2009 in Munich.

Support by Dr. Angelika Niebler

MEP Dr. Angelika Niebler who at the beginning of the year had received a catalogue of demands drawn up at the first parents’ organisation meeting in Rome, made a visit to the second meeting of European Parents’ Organisations. The parents’ representatives were able to exchange opinions with Dr. Niebler about the foundation’s health policy work. “The largest children patient group still receives little support from the EU. I would like to change this and will support the call for more attention to preterm infants and newborn infants with illnesses on a European level”, says Dr. Niebler, Chairwoman of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. Due to her initiative a reception will be held in the Bavarian representation in Brussels with key players from European politics and representatives from European parents’ organisations in December.

Prematurity Awareness Day – focus on the smallest

The second EFCNI European parents’ organisation meeting calls on all regional groups, hospitals and respective institutions to participate in the Prematurity Awareness Day by organising events. The Prematurity Awareness Day is to grow and prosper just like preterm infants. Ranging from Open Days in children’s hospitals to charity events and sales at mother’s groups, everything is possible. For those interested please check www.efcni.org.

EFCNI is a network for those involved in the care of preterm or sick newborn infants as well as a forum for scientists. It was set up to effect long-term improvements in the care of such infants, and to give the largest group of child patients.

For more information please visit www.efcni.org.

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